New Firm Announces Significant Plans to Aid U.S. Food Supply Chain Issues

Arcadia Cold, LLC announces the launch of its platform to rapidly develop a national cold storage network of high-quality facilities across the United States. 

Arcadia Cold, a team of cold storage industry experts, well-capitalized through a strategic partnership to build new cold storage facilities in the United States and bring new capacity and high-quality service to a much-needed aging infrastructure

Arcadia's Cold Storage Network
The New Age of Cold Chain. The Age of Arcadia. Our cold storage network is delivering modern facilities to aid the US supply chain issues.

Arcadia Cold, LLC announces the launch of its platform to rapidly develop a national cold storage network of high-quality facilities across the United States.  Arcadia Cold is a third-party cold chain services provider that focuses on handling, storage, distribution, and value-added services to the food industry with a proven management team with over 100 years of industry experience. Arcadia Cold has established a strategic development partnership with Saxum Real Estate, a national, vertically integrated real estate investment and development company, for the development of Arcadia Cold’s greenfield facilities. Saxum has established itself as the preeminent investor and developer of cold storage facilities across the country, with over $1B in cold storage investments slated and the mission to grow its portfolio to include over 10 million square feet of cold storage assets.  Arcadia Cold’s first three locations include Hazleton, PA, Atlanta, GA, and South Ft. Worth, TX. Operation for these facilities will commence by mid-2023.

Arcadia Cold adds much needed, modern, highly efficient, and well-run capacity to the U.S. food supply chain infrastructure that is plagued by older, less energy efficient, and more labor-intensive cold storage assets.  U.S. storage warehouse occupancies are at an all-time high and continued growth in food distribution demand across all end user groups due to greater online adoption by consumers and continued expansion of fresh and frozen product categories will only fuel the need for more national pallet space.

By 2024, Arcadia Cold expects to have added approximately 200,000 pallet positions of refrigerated and frozen capacity to the existing third-party cold storage market in six important logistical locations to service a substantial part of the U.S. consumer market.

“We are excited to execute the build-out and operational start-up of a highly fast-paced and modernized cold storage development platform that is uniquely designed to service a wide variety of customers across the CPG, protein, produce, retail and foodservice end-markets. Arcadia will raise the bar and bring a new level of customer-centric operational approach and related service offerings to an industry that is simply looking for renewed focus and attention to their needs.”

Chris Hughes, President & CEO of Arcadia Cold

About Arcadia Cold, LLC
Arcadia Cold was established in April 2021 and specializes in providing third-party handling, storage, distribution and value-added services to the food industry. Arcadia Cold bridges the innovation and supply gaps within the cold industrial industry in the United States through modern cold storage warehouse development expertise and proven operational “know-how”. Its strategic development partnership with Saxum Real Estate offers a collaborative approach to the design-build and operation model that provides for efficient construction of fully temperature convertible buildings, coupled with modern supply chain technology innovations for its valued customers in the “New Age of Cold Chain”.

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