Arcadia Cold Elevates Leadership Structure to Support Rapid Growth

JD Schwefler Assumes Role of Chief Commercial Officer

[Atlanta, GA] – Arcadia Cold, a leading cold storage 3PL provider, is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in its evolution with the appointment of JD Schwefler as Chief Commercial Officer. This strategic move comes in response to Arcadia Cold’s rapid growth and the need for a seasoned executive to spearhead commercial initiatives.

As Arcadia Cold continues to expand its footprint in the cold storage sector, the company recognizes the importance of having a dedicated leader at the helm of commercial operations. His transition from Head of Site Selection and Design Solutions to Chief Commercial Officer will support the company in this stage of its flourishing growth trajectory.

JD, with his wealth of experience and demonstrated leadership, is well-suited to lead Arcadia Cold into its next phase of expansion. In his new role, he will play a pivotal part in charting the course for Arcadia Cold’s commercial strategy. His mandate includes cultivating strategic partnerships, optimizing  commercial performance to capitalize on emerging opportunities, and establishing a hyper customer-focused culture across the organization.

JD Schwefler, Chief Commercial Officer, headshot outlined in light blue
JD Schwefler is appointed Chief Commercial Officer for Arcadia Cold.

“Arcadia Cold’s remarkable growth demands a dedicated focus on our commercial endeavors, and JD Schwefler is the ideal leader to steer us in this direction,” said Chris Hughes, CEO of Arcadia Cold. “JD’s strategic vision and proven track record make him well-equipped to drive our commercial initiatives and further solidify our position as an industry leader.”

JD expressed enthusiasm about the new role, stating, “I am honored to take on the responsibilities of Chief Commercial Officer at Arcadia Cold during this exciting phase of growth. Together with our talented team, I am confident that we will unlock new opportunities and deliver value to our customers and stakeholders.”

The appointment of JD to Chief Commercial Officer is a testament to Arcadia Cold’s commitment to fostering leadership from within and ensuring alignment with the company’s strategic objectives.