Our Values

Arcadia’s entire culture is built around these pillars of character. At every level of the organization, these values are ingrained in the process from hiring through delivery. We value this community we’re building and have high standards of character for every member of Arcadia. 

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Promote a culture that prioritizes safety for our employees

Be a good steward for the communities in which we operate

Support philanthropy and community service across the Company


Have respect, confidence and trust in those we work with  

Raise your hand when we see something is wrong and offer a solution to fix it 

Do the right thing, not the easy thing every time – no short cuts 


Take ownership – own our mistakes as much as our successes 

Approach every task as if the Company’s success depends upon it – because it does 

Do what we say we are going to do 


Approach each day with the aim of being better than the day before and being results-oriented 

Be empowered and empower those around you to exceed expectations 

Have a strong work ethic, be innovative and focus on finding solutions 


Be confident, but caring and humble – always

Treat customers and colleagues as we want to be treated no matter how difficult the issue or circumstance

Use the momentum of our own success to move the success of others


Encourage open communication and collaboration to bring forth creative solutions 

Raise our hand when a problem exists and work collaboratively with teammates and customers to resolve it quickly and ethically 

Be open and honest in everything we do