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The mission of Arcadia Cold™ is to design and deploy modern facilities and provide innovative solutions through the practical application of technology, creating meaningful value for our customers while helping them meet their strategic objectives – establishing The New Age of cold chain.

The services of Arcadia Cold™ are catered to individual locations and we are always open to discussing the needs of our clients. Our goal is to bend over backwards to make sure we are providing service that adds value to your business. Explore our listed services and let us know where we can help you.

Cold Storage Icon

Store your product in one of our temperature-controlled cold storage facilities. Our facilities ensure the highest quality using modern designed features with state-of-the-art temperature management and real-time monitoring systems. Our facilities have multiple chambers engineered with insulated panels and thermal breaks between them to allow flexibility.  We support temperatures ranging from -20 to 40 degrees F. All locations are all fully racked with double-deep structural steel racking and pallet opening heights able to handle your pallet requirement. 

Blast Freezing Icon

Ensure optimum food safety and quality by freezing your product using our blast freezing process. Arcadia has equipped select locations with the capability of using a forced air freezing technique to support our customers’ high-quality standards. Our process is backed by our extensive experience and knowledge about food handling and blast freezing various commodity products. Arcadia strictly adheres to regulatory requirements to ensure proper food handling while meeting your quality assurance requirements. 

Port Handling Icon

Utilize our port-located facilities to manage your import and / or export food handling needs. Our team has decades of experience in managing the challenges related to managing this type of product flow. We will be glad to help solve challenges in efficiently overseeing port-based activity. Our team is adept at managing the various requirements of import and export activity inclusive of container management, genset unit management and governmental inspection services. 

Value Add Servcies Icon

Leverage your inventory in storage and our facility footprint to transform products for your customer. We have experience with a wide range of value-added services including product inspection, boxing, de-boxing, club store packing, code dating, point of sale display building, and rainbow pallet creation to name a few. We are eager to develop solutions to reduce your overall landed cost 

Cross Docking Icon

Reduce your delivery lead times and increase order fill rate with our distribution facility cross docking services. You can also take advantage of dock space at our port locations by coordinating inbound and outbound trucks and containers to efficiently manage your international shipments. We are eager to develop a customized solution to keep your product moving. 

Retail Consolidation Icon

Partner with our team to support your retail consolidation needs. We can serve retailers looking to develop a new consolidation programs. We also can serve manufacturers in search of a more cost-effective way to get your products to market. Arcadia’s approach to developing a comprehensive solution involves technology, processes, facilities and transportation and the ability to execute for the benefit all parties involved. Please inquire about how we can help develop your solution today. 

Order Management Icon

Confidently put your trust in our team to handle your product orders through our enhanced order management process. Our team of customer service and warehouse operations professionals will fulfill your order on time and in full using our advanced technology solutions. We provide updates and notices through alerts and on our web portal in real-time if there are any exceptions. 

Transportation Logistics Icon

Whether you are looking to utilize our distribution or port facilities, we encourage you to inquire about how we can support your transportation needs using our brokered transportation services. We have partner carriers in each of the regions and will be eager to support your needs to ship your products to your required destination. 

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